Hey! I'm Caitlin, a designer and illustrator based in London.

Currently I lead UI and UX design at Drest, a fashion game start-up!

Game user experience design has been the focus of my professional career - from leading Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga at King  to skins for Minecraft Console Editions; even games to teach a language!

I delight in building high performing teams, helping designers grow their careers and improving design culture across organisations 🌸
Speaking & Writing
A few of the things I've written and presented:
Leading as Listeners - UXPA UK (2021)
#gamedevpaidme - salary transparency as a tool for liberation (2020)
making games for your mum - Ladies That UX London (2019)
Closing keynote - NZGDC, Auckland (2018)
Gamers are not who you think! - Creative Mornings Edinburgh (2018)
Internships: Bridging the Gap from Education to Industry - GDC, San Francisco (2015)

Speaking at Creative Mornings Edinburgh

(because if you're not going to brag about your accomplishments on your website, where will you?)
✦ BAFTA member and juror (2019, 2020, 2021) ✧ Activision Blizzard Way2Play Hero (2018) ✦ Microsoft Connector of the Year (2016) ✧ IGDA Scholar at GDC (2014, 2015)
Esoteric interests
✦ otome games and trash fantasy novels. I'm a romantic at heart 🥺
✧ meditation, Buddhism and yoga. I delight in being a bendy person!
✦ interior decor and redesign. My Pinterest boards are heavily manicured (some would say excessive)
✧ life drawing
Want to get in touch? Email me.
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