Hey! I'm Caitlin, a designer (and dilettante) based in London.

Currently I'm Head of User Experience at Drest, the world's first luxury fashion game!

Game user experience design has been the focus of my professional career - from leading Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga at King  to skins for Minecraft Console Editions; even games to teach a language!

I delight in building high performing teams, helping designers grow their careers and improving design culture across organisations 🌸

Every portfolio needs an embarrasing self-portrait (2021)

Speaking & Writing
A few of the things I've written and presented:
Leading as Listeners - UXPA UK (2021)
#gamedevpaidme - salary transparency as a tool for liberation (2020)
making games for your mum - Ladies That UX London (2019)
Closing keynote - NZGDC, Auckland (2018)
Gamers are not who you think! - Creative Mornings Edinburgh (2018)
Internships: Bridging the Gap from Education to Industry - GDC, San Francisco (2015)

Speaking at Creative Mornings Edinburgh

Some Awards
(because if you're not going to brag about your accomplishments on your website, where will you?)
✦ BAFTA member and juror (2019, 2020, 2021) ✧ Activision Blizzard Way2Play Hero (2018) ✦ Microsoft Connector of the Year (2016) ✧ IGDA Scholar at GDC (2014, 2015)
Esoteric interests
✦ otome games and trash fantasy novels. I'm a romantic at heart 🥺
✧ meditation, Buddhism and yoga. I delight in being a bendy person!
✦ interior decor and redesign. My Pinterest boards are heavily manicured (some would say excessive)
✧ life drawing
Want to get in touch? Email me.
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