Memrise is the quickest, most entertaining way to learn a language: they enrich your mind to enrich your world.  I joined the team in June 2019, to build the future of what language learning could become. Here's a small selection of things I've worked on!
Home Screen  ✦ June 2020
Project to redesign the main landing page for app users, creating a dynamic home screen where content is based on the learner's interests and level. Designed to be modular and dynamic, allowing the company to iterate and improve the experience based on business objectives.

Home screen: information architecture, cards, content strategy and animation.

Early iterations of the home screen content, which I presented to the business to gather feedback.

Interaction and feedback design. My top priority was make the home screen responsive, giving the players feedback on their actions, to add to the sense of accomplishment and progress that was missing from our current offering and competitors.

Card designs for a variety of user types and use cases.

Profile Page Redesign ✦ May 2020
Making the profile section of the app more intuitive, user friendly and useful.

Interactive prototype of the new profile design (created in Figma.)

Machine Learning Placement Test ✦ October 2019
Concept for a more accessible and adaptive placement test for  users beginning their learning journey. By asking users to identify the phrases they know or don't know, the system could identify what they are likely to know, and build a bespoke course targeting their weaknesses.
Daily Goal Improvements ✦ July 2019
Improving and iterating upon the daily goal and retention mechanics within the app. I brought back the flower visual metaphor for learning, encouraging learners to 'grow their flowers' in their daily learning journey.

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