Hej! My name is Caitlin Goodale- I'm a UX designer!

Fig. 1: A vague approximation of myself.

I design user experiences and interfaces for games, from user research and wireframes to pixel-perfect UI art and animation.
UX designer on experimental games at King
UX Designer, freelance for GAME, We Throw Switches, Haffle
UI artist on mobile games at Microsoft
2D artist on Minecraft
BA(Hons) Computer Arts from Abertay University, 1st Class Honours.
I have a bit of a personal mission to make work a better place to be, and the games industry a more inclusive place as a whole. For this reason I've volunteered with the IGDA, BAFTA and Ukie, with GLEAM at Microsoft and with Women@King. I spoke at GDC on the value of internships for both students and companies, and mentor early-in-career developers extensively.
Unfortunately, much of the work I've done for King and Microsoft is under NDA. Please contact me if you're interested in seeing this work.
Want to chat? Either send me a tweet (@caiitlinz), or an email (me@caitlingoodale.com)!